VNTFA – Zero-Till, CTF, Cover Crops, Tillage Radish, Peola & much more ….


Join us in the paddock

Grant Sims’ farm is a stand-alone cropping expo in itself. The Pine Grove farmer is set on knowing more about his soil health, preferred crop varieties and available plant nutrition. To do this, Grant has taken control of the research and extension he needs by setting up a range of demonstrations and comparison sites to meet his knowledge gaps.

Each year Grant hosts National Variety Trials for wheat performance, but this year the NVT include new zinc and lupin trials. The farm has a 10 species cover crop mix trial to determine if there are any long term soil health benefits of plant diversity, together a Vic No-Till State-wide winter cover crop demonstration. Grant is also comparing the outcomes of granular MAP versus an organic liquid fertilizer, the long term impact of from continuous hay production, Tillage radish and the performance of Peola.

On Friday 21 August at 1 pm, Grant will be sharing his journey of cropping at Pine Grove. He will take a tour to demonstrate his transition from a paddock sown with a tyne seeder, another continuously cut for hay and then other paddocks planted with his new NDF disc seeder.
A soil pit and infiltration test will be conducted by local soil scientist, Mel Cann from DEDJTR

Date: 21/8/2015
Time: 1pm BBQ lunch
Venue: CFA Station
Echuca-Mitiamo Rd, Pine Grove
Ph: 03 5382 0422
Mb: 0429 820 429