VNTFA – The next step in seeding technology (Aqua-Till demonstration)

The next step in seeding technology

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Date: Friday 4 March 2016
Time: 10.00 – 11.30 am
Place: “Titanga Estate” 141 Skipton-Lismore Road, Lismore
RSVP for catering Wed 2 Feb
Contact: Amity Dunstan
5388 2239 or 0427 861891

We all know that high water pressure can strip paint and blast holes in weather boards. So what about using water to open soil for seed and fertilizer placement?

Aqua-till technology works effectively in 10 tonne stubble loads. The high pressure water cuts through straw, which means there is no chance of hair-pinning or dragging residue. Aqua-till is perfect for high stubble loads that have been grazed. There is no need to burn paddocks, so sowing can start on time without having to wait for fire restrictions to lift. To save costs the system can also be fitted to an existing seeding bar.

Consider the potential to incorporate liquid fertilizer and soluble, targeted insecticides for slug management.This is the future of fast seed emergence from even and moist seed-soil contact.

Join Vic No-Till for a coffee and cake to see where cropping technology is heading next. It’s still the early days but just think of all the skin you could save with no more replacing discs or tynes.

If you know any cropping friends or neighbors who are ready to see the next advancement in seeding systems, please bring them along or forward this email.

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This event is funded by GRDC through the Stubble Retention Initiative.