VNTFA – Last & Final Stripper Front Demonstration


Thursday 10th Dec at 3pm 280 Geddes Rd, Westmere

Victorian No-Till Farmers Association has visited a number of growers this past year who are achieving great results with their Shelbourne Stripper front in combination with a disc or zero-till system. Vic No-Till have been running a series of demonstrations this harvest. Growers are keen to see whether leaving tall stubble will reduce the effects of summer evaporation and remove the haven for slugs. Other benefits are speed of harvest and fuel efficiencies. This is your final chance to see a DEMO this harvest in Victoria.
Emmett’s are supplying a John Deere S680 Header for this demonstration.

Definitely worth a look.
Scott Blurton: 0418 147 200
Vic No-Till 0429 820 429

Stripper Front in action:

Pine Grove
mb: 0429 820 429