Seeding system videos

SFS trial progress 2017

SFS seeder comparison demonstration

As part of our National Stubble Initiative, Southern Farming Systems (SFS) with grower support designed a paddock scale trial with 15 different seeding systems to allow growers to see first hand how best to maintain profitability while retaining stubble in their farming systems.

Different Seeders Different Yields: Local R&D providing valuable solutions for HRZ grain growers

As part of GRDC’s stubble initiative, Southern Farming Systems held a demonstration trial in June 2015 so High Rainfall Zone grain growers could see a wide range of seeders in action in one place. This video takes us back to the trial site to learn how seed placement affected yield.

Transitioning from tyne to disc

Glenorchy farmer Stew MacPherson shares his experiences transitioning from a tyne seeder to a disc seeder.

Seeder demonstrations

Austplow seeder

Boss tyne

Gason seeder

John Deere ConservaPac

Massey Ferguson seeder

Kiernan Molloy Morris

Seed Hawk seeder

Simplicity seeder

The use of bent leg openers in cereal seeding

Paired row sowing

Dr Jack Desbiolles (University of South Australia) talks to participants on the GRDC stubble project study tour about the benefits of a pair row seeding configuration in stubble retained systems.