Residue management videos

Using choppers to  manage residue

Victorian No-Till Farmers Association’s Past President Wayne Adler discusses his 30ft Controlled Traffic, zero-till farming system. In this feature, Wayne specifically addresses the importance of residue management in his system. Even and uniform spread across the full width of the header front is key to making Wayne’s system work.
Wayne farms with his family in Victoria’s Wimmera.

Residue management in the Mallee

Mallee farmer and Vic No Till member Alistair Murdoch discusses his approach to residue management.

Residue management in a no till system

Good residue management is good for crops. The more stubble you retain, the more cover you have on your soil, and the more water your soils can retain. Wimmera agronomist and Vic No Till member Ben Cordes says “It’s about creating a bigger bucket.” Residue management starts at harvest time. The goal is to get even distribution of chaff and straw across the full width of your header front. Good residue management is the key to a no-till system.