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Weed management in stubble retained systems in the south west

Guidelines for growers Weed numbers are dynamic across a paddock. Any intervention to decrease weed seed set is not going to deplete the seed bank within a season. Narrow windrow burning and harvest weed seed destructors are viable options when presented with the … Continue reading

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Monitoring stubbles during the fallow period

GRDC stubble management guideline: No. 8 The effective management of stubble during a fallow period (the period when no crop is growing in the paddock) can minimise a number of potential cropping issues such as weed populations, seeder blockages and … Continue reading

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Profitable stubble retention systems for the HRZ

By Paul Breust and Aaron Vague (SFS) Key messages: Crops can be established and grown in 6.6t/ha of retained stubble in the HRZ without compromising establishment Stubble retention in the HRZ requires careful systems based planning and attention to detail Seasonal conditions … Continue reading

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Impacts on herbicide efficacy from different stubble management practices

By Paul Breust and Megan Beveridge, SFS Key messages: No significant differences in phyto-toxicity and weed counts from stubble treatment or seeder used. Disc seeder establishment was significantly better and produced higher NDVI than tyne seeder establishment. No significant difference in … Continue reading

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Harvest stubble and weed seed management in wheat and barley

By Paul Breust, SFS Key messages: Harvesting at 15cm is 20 per cent less efficient than harvesting at 30cm. Harvesting at 15cm is 38 per cent less efficient than harvesting at 50cm. Harvest efficiency increases at approximately 10% per 10cm of harvest height. Additional fuel … Continue reading

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Role of break crops – long season canola in stubble

The aim of this scoping study was to explore the potential of long season canola, established into grazed unburnt stubble on 28 March 2014 compared to a main season sown variety. The early sown plots were established using two separate seeders: … Continue reading

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