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Vic No-Till goes Underground for 14th annual conference & tour

Vic No-Till goes Underground for 14th annual conference & tour Three leading international farming experts and growers from across Australia will come together in July for Victoria’s biggest farmer-based grower network’s 14th annual conference. Building the future of your farm … Continue reading

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VNTFA – Zero-Till, CTF, Cover Crops, Tillage Radish, Peola & much more ….

Join us in the paddock Grant Sims’ farm is a stand-alone cropping expo in itself. The Pine Grove farmer is set on knowing more about his soil health, preferred crop varieties and available plant nutrition. To do this, Grant has … Continue reading

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Monitoring stubbles during the fallow period

GRDC stubble management guideline: No. 8 The effective management of stubble during a fallow period (the period when no crop is growing in the paddock) can minimise a number of potential cropping issues such as weed populations, seeder blockages and … Continue reading

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Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble

Crop residues, or stubble, play an integral role in soil health and nutrient cycling in broadacre cropping and, particularly in the Mallee, can also improve rainfall infiltration and moisture retention. However, while the benefits of stubble retention are widely recongnised, growers are … Continue reading

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Break crops in retained stubble systems in Tasmania

Retaining standing stubble resulted in lower poppy establishment, reduced poppy plant size and vigour. High levels of Red-legged earth mite (RLEM) damage may occur to poppies where previous wheat stubble is retained. Windrow burning and burning stubble showed potential as … Continue reading

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Canola on incorporated stubble

By Damian Jones, ICC Work by Clive Kirkby, a CSIRO scientist, suggests that to improve our soil carbon levels, stubbles have to be incorporated and rapidly broken down by soil microbes rather than slowly decomposing on the soil surface. However if … Continue reading

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Contributions and constraints of stubble to nutrient supply in relation to stubble and soil analysis

Key messages: Trial was infected by high numbers of ARG and was sprayed out prior to harvest to prevent weed seed set in the farmers paddock There were no significant differences in dry matter production for any of the treatments … Continue reading

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Residue management in the Mallee

Mallee farmer and Vic No Till member Alistair Murdoch discusses his approach to residue management.

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