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Desired stubble characteristics for irrigators

Guidelines for growers Harvest height is predetermined by crop type and height. The stubble height remaining after harvest can be managed in the future if required.  On irrigated paddocks, many cereal stubbles are too thick for even the best seeders. Consequently stubbles … Continue reading

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Molybdenum, row spacing, plant population and PGRs in Faba beans

By Damian Jones, ICC Key messages: Applying molybdenum to faba beans did not effect nodulation or plant moly levels. Faba beans sown at 25 plants/m² on 7½ inch row spacings produced the highest yields. PGRs had no effect on the yield, height … Continue reading

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Canola Plant Growth Regulators

By Damian Jones, ICC Key messages: PGRs had no effect on yield, dry matter produced, plant height or depth of podding in 2015. Pod height was reduced when a PGR and fungicide mix was applied at budding. Currently no PGRs are registered for use … Continue reading

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Barley fungicide and plant growth regulators

By Damian Jones, ICC Key messages: Marvel and Prosaro improved yields in this trial. Grain protein, screenings and retention were not impacted by any of the treatments. ICC has trialled the use of the PGRs on barley over the last few … Continue reading

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