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The stubble project, ‘Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble in Victoria and Tasmania’ is a collaborative initiative being undertaken by four grower groups – Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), Southern Farming Systems (SFS), Irrigated Cropping Council (ICC) and the Victorian … Continue reading

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Row spacing for retained stubble systems in the Wimmera and Mallee

Guideline for growers There are both benefits and challenges that come from increasing row spacing to above 25cm in a retained stubble cropping system. Yield potential, weed competition, crop rotation, stubble loads, sowing efficiency, disease management, crop safety (from herbicides … Continue reading

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Row spacing x wheat variety at Berriwillock

By Claire Browne and Jessica Lemon, BCG Key messages: Narrower row spacings resulted in some increased yields in a low rainfall zone (this work will be continued in 2016). There was no interaction between variety selection and row spacing. Sowing … Continue reading

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Rotational effects of legume termination

By Alison Frischke and De-Anne Ferrier, BCG Key messages: In a dry season, there was a small grain yield benefit (90kg/ha) for wheat that followed terminated vetch and field peas (1.5-2.4t/ha of biomass), compared with fallow and terminated medic. Soil water benefits … Continue reading

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Tracing crop nitrogen coming from the previous stubble

By Vadakattu Gupta, Therese McBeath (CSIRO) and Claire Browne (BCG) Key messages: Only 31 per cent of the applied urea nitrogen (N) was taken up by the wheat crop in 2014. This low fertiliser use efficiency may be partly related to the … Continue reading

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Using sowing direction and row spacing for weed management in the Mallee

By Kelly Angel, BCG Key messages:  Yields were significantly higher under narrow row spacing, but sowing direction had no influence on yield. Weeds had a significant effect on yield, but the scale of yield penalty (t/ha yield loss) did not alter … Continue reading

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Wheat varieties and time of sowing

By Claire Browne (BCG) Key messages: Corack, Cosmick and Correll were solid performers in the Mallee in 2014. Mace and Shield were the highest yielding varieties in the Wimmera (Horsham). Mace, Scout and Corack topped the variety trial in the West Wimmera (Nhill). Corack and Mace have … Continue reading

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Barley varieties

By Linda Walters (BCG) Key messages: Compass was the only variety to achieve Malt 1 (assuming Malt accreditation), at both BCG sites, in the dry finish. Compass, Hindmarsh, Fathom and La Trobe are varieties best suited to the Mallee and Wimmera. Compass and La Trobe, if … Continue reading

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Liquid versus granular nitrogen in bread and durum wheat

By Tim McClelland (BCG) and Rob Norton (IPNI) Key messages: In this trial, contrary to expectation, the durum wheat achieved an average yield only 0.1t/ha lower than bread wheat (Scout). During 2014, there was a price differential of between -$83 and $277 for durum (DR1) over … Continue reading

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The effect of grazing intensity on crops

By Alison Frischke and Dannielle Ick (BCG) Key messages: Grazing crops early and/or lightly  will generally not affect grain yields. Plant recovery is supported by having more green material remaining after grazing; the more the merrier! Early sown winter wheat can produce more biomass earlier … Continue reading

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