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The GRDC-funded stubble project, ‘Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble in Victoria and Tasmania’ is being led by Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), in partnership with Southern Farming Systems (SFS), Irrigated Cropping Council (ICC) and the Victorian No-Till Farming Association (VNTFA).

BCG logo with white backgroundPostal: 73 Cumming Avenue, Birchip, Victoria, 3483
Phone: 03 5492 2787

Project leader: Claire Browne



SFS_FINAL_LogoPostal: 23 High Street, Inverleigh, Victoria, 3321
Phone: (03) 5265 1666

Research agronomist: Paul Breust

ICC Logo with Slogan

Postal: PO Box 238, Kerang, Victoria, 3579
Phone: 0428 545263

Cropping agronomist: Damian Jones

VNTFAPostal: PO Box 1397, Horsham, Victoria, 3402
Phone: (03) 5382 0422

Executive Officer: Kerry Grigg

GRDCLogoStacked_TM_CMYKThe stubble project (BWD00024) is funded by the GRDC, whose primary objective is to drive the discovery, development and delivery of world-class innovation to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australian grain growers and benefit the industry and the wider community.  The GRDC is a statutory corporation, founded in 1990. For more about the GRDC click here.

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