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Matching seeding machinery to stubble load and soil type

Dr Desbiolles (Uni SA) delivered a presentation at the BCG Trials Review Day on February 19, 2016. He discussed matching machinery to your environment, including the implications of wider row spacings, the pros and cons of paired row systems, seeder performance … Continue reading

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Dry sowing with disc and tyne seeders compared

Southern Farming Systems (SFS) are running a disc versus tyne seeder trial this season. The trial is part of a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) research project, focusing on maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble in Victoria and … Continue reading

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Examining the impact of seeding system type, urea and pests on canola establishment in a retained stubble system

In an article published in the Stock & Land on May 12, canola emergence issues in a disc versus tine seeder trial sown at Streatham on April 12 were highlighted. The trial, which was undertaken as part of the GRDC funded project ‘Maintaining … Continue reading

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SFS Sowing 2016 – seeders, insect pests, fert toxicity, dry sowing and more…

The Streatham Branch of SFS will hold a ute drive/crop walk on Monday 30th May 2016 starting at 3pm . Join us to inspect and discuss dry sowing, fertiliser toxicity, insect pest problems, disc seeding compared to tine, and pasture establishment. … Continue reading

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Sowing into stubble: seeder set-up and selection

Key messages: Bar clearance and tyne layout have a strong influence on a machine’s ability to cope with heavy stubble loads. Select a seeder based on your farming system, cropping environment and your financial position. Stubble management starts at harvest. … Continue reading

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Molybdenum, row spacing, plant population and PGRs in Faba beans

By Damian Jones, ICC Key messages: Applying molybdenum to faba beans did not effect nodulation or plant moly levels. Faba beans sown at 25 plants/m² on 7½ inch row spacings produced the highest yields. PGRs had no effect on the yield, height … Continue reading

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Profitable stubble retention systems for the HRZ

By Paul Breust and Aaron Vague (SFS) Key messages: Crops can be established and grown in 6.6t/ha of retained stubble in the HRZ without compromising establishment Stubble retention in the HRZ requires careful systems based planning and attention to detail Seasonal conditions … Continue reading

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Canola establishment demonstration

By Paul Breust and Megan Beveridge, SFS Key messages: Demonstration only no statistically significant conclusions can be drawn. Using auto steer for inter-row sowing allowed successful establishment of canola in retained stubble. Slug control was the same for a range of control … Continue reading

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Impacts on herbicide efficacy from different stubble management practices

By Paul Breust and Megan Beveridge, SFS Key messages: No significant differences in phyto-toxicity and weed counts from stubble treatment or seeder used. Disc seeder establishment was significantly better and produced higher NDVI than tyne seeder establishment. No significant difference in … Continue reading

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Establishing canola in cereal stubble using disc and tyned seeders across a range of stubble management practices

By Paul Breust, SFS Key messages: Seed in the Rapid disc treatments was placed deeper than ideal resulting in lower plant establishment. Tyne seeder in burnt stubble was significantly higher in yield to all disc treatments and the tyne stubble … Continue reading

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