5. Farm business analysis- Investment in harvest machinery for stubble retained systems


Many farms are starting to reconsider use of a stripper front during harvest, but it is important to understand and quantify the realistic gains that may be achieved through this investment. Through the stubble project, a machinery economics calculator has been developed to help decision making around investment in harvest machinery specific to each farm.

This calculator looks at the key drivers for profit produced by this investment – grain yield, grain price, crop type, rainfall during harvest, area covered, fuel price and labour rates – and helps you to quantify changes in these and determines the real return on investment of this potential purchase.

Click here for Machinery Economics Calculator

This research iGRDCLogoStacked_TM_CMYKs being conducted by BCG as part of the GRDC Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble initiative (project BWD00024 ‘Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble in Victoria and Tasmania’).

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Stubble project overview: This guideline has been developed for BCG Farming Systems Group as part of the Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble initiative, funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). The initiative involves farming systems groups in Victoria, South Australia, southern and central New South Wales and Tasmania collaborating with research organisation’s and agribusiness to explore and address issues for growers that impact the profitability of cropping systems with stubble, including pests, diseases, weeds, nutrition and the physical aspects of sowing and establishing crops in heavy residues.