VNTFA 15th Annual Conference 2017


International Keynote Speakers

PAUL JASA USA – University of Nebraska

Named in 2016 and 1998 as one of the Top 25 Innovators in the History of No-Till


Paul is the man growers turn to when it comes to setting up no-till seeders. He can help you

get more out of every hectare through spreading residue, staying ahead of weeds and striving

for uniform growth. If you’re moving into summer crops such as corn and sunflowers, Paul’s got

the know-how. Paul used to think with his engineer’s hat on that machinery would fix problems

created by machinery. Years of first-hand experience demonstrated the folly of this thought

process. He now understands iron is for planting our crops and that roots fix problems, not iron.

Vic No-Till is thrilled to bring a dead-set No-Till legend to share his expertise with Australian growers.

DR CHRISTINE JONES NZ – soils ecologist

Founder of Amazing Carbon and Carbon for Life


To the pressing worldwide challenge of restoring topsoil, Dr Christine Jones offers an accessible,

inspiring perspective. For several decades Christine has worked with innovative farmers and

graziers implementing regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity,

nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, productivity, water quality and community and catchment

health. Over the past decade she has gained international recognition as a speaker, presenting

on ‘The Fundamentals of Soil’ at workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Western Europe, Central America, USA and Canada.

BLAKE VINCE CANADA – No-Till pioneer & Nuffield Scholar

Founder of #rootsnotiron


Blake’s farm management practices are centred on soil health. He produces corn,

soybeans and winter wheat and is an advocate of increasing diversity, low disturbance

and farmers making money. He says he is tired of people telling him what do on his farm

and taking money out of his pocket, and practices and promotes regenerative farming.

Blake is a fifth generation farmer from Merlin, Ontario and believes it’s also important to

promote the value of farming to the broader community.

Local Growers:

Ted Langley, BORDERTOWN – Runs a zero-Till 12m CTF system. His operation is 75% cropping 25% sheep.
Soils range from clay soils, clay loam to white beach sand. Ted describes himself as a soil care-taker and practices
regenerative farming principles.

Suzanne Lewis – WERNETH. Finding production gains from low-stress sheep management. The lambing rates are up,
the losses are down & the sheep are healthy. The sheep complement the cropping system. Suzanne is an advocate for diversity,
healthy soils, healthy animals, healthy people.

Fraser Pogue – ARDMONA. Passionate about soils & microbes. Fraser is a corn grower, but he also grows barley, wheat, faba beans,
canola, hay for silage and extensively uses companions and cover crops for soil regeneration.

Also including 3 Breakout Sessions to choose from. (TBA)

This is a 1.5 day event. Friday 14th July includes a Panel Discussion Q&A with the complete line up of conference speakers.
After a massive educational day and an evening of robust discussion there’ll be a lot of questions the following morning & we’re pleased to offer our conference goes the opportunity to ask questions about their newly acquired knowledge to the complete Vic

Members $300+gst
Non-Members $600+gst

Email: or Call: 03 5382 0422

Book Tickets here:

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