BCG Future Farmers Expo – Wednesday 5 July 2017

Farmers, agronomists and agribusiness personnel will have the opportunity to hear from specialist presenters at the BCG Future Farmers Expo on July 5 at the Birchip P-12 School.

The event, which will be held from 11am to 5pm and conclude with a post-Expo social tapas dinner at the Birchip Hotel, will provide the opportunity for attendees to hear the latest in climate, success planning, machinery economics, in-season technical agronomy and the practical use of gathering real time data from on-board header protein machines and weather station networks.

Always a highlight of the event, a climate update and seasonal outlook will be delivered by Bureau of Meteorology monthly seasonal outlook author Catherine Ganter. The presentation will focus on the winter and spring outlook plus the impact that the location and severity of where an El Nino develops has on Australia.

Another highlight of the event will be bringing the infamous BCG technical bulletin to life. Authors and BCG researchers Claire Browne and Kelly Angel will work with a panel of regular contributors (to the publication) from the Mallee and Wimmera to present current agronomic facts ready for farmers to apply.

Farm machinery ownership, co-ownership and contracting will be compared to determine the best fit for your farm business, both financially and logistically.

Two farmers will share their experience using the BCG weather station network and describe how they are making the most of relevant and timely information on their properties and how this has assisted in decision making.

Succession planning and integrating the next generation into the farm business will be presented by three farming families explaining how they have tackled the issue, with one family just completing their ten year farm succession plan.

A niche number of agribusiness exhibitors will be present on the day and at the conclusion of the day attendees are invited to the Birchip Hotel to enjoy complimentary refreshments. Following this, a high quality and locally made tapas menu will be served for $30 per person.

The event is free for BCG members and is $50 for non-members. To RSVP for the dinner please visit the BCG website or phone the office on 03 5492 2787.

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