Vic No-Till’s 14th Annual Conference

vntfa annual conference

Reduce Input Costs, Build Profits, Create Robust & Resilient Farms. July 7 Bendigo

Join international experts and local growers at the forefront of cropping innovations, soil, water, plants, diversity, people, slugs, insects BAD & GOOD.

At Underground, Vic No-Till will explore how to build symbiotic no-till farming systems that manage money, land and people, the way farmers really want to. Ensuring your farm is in good health financially and will continue to be highly productive when you pass it to the next generation. There’s a lot more to profitable no-till systems than seeding equipment and the precision tools you use. Successful, profitable and drought-proof no-till systems build natural equity and need less synthetic inputs over time. UNDERGROUND will identify ways to reduce your input costs maximising your farm’s overall profitability.

Please join Vic No-Till for its annual conference July 7 to hear speakers who’ll motivate, inspire, give new insights and cropping innovations to transform your farm.

3 x International Speakers

Joshua Dukart, Bismarck, North Dakota
Managing Land, Wealth & People for Success

Dr Jonathan Lundgren, Brookings, South Dakota (Blue Dasher Farm)
Insects as the Solution not the Problem

Dr Odette Menard, Ministry of Agriculture & Food, Quebec Canada
Getting to the Roots of it

Also Featuring … Leading Australian grain growers Scott Blurton from Streatham Victoria & Tom Robinson from Hoyleton, South Australia. @scottblurton   @AnashkaFarms

For complete Conference Program :

The following day, as part of the conference we’ll be visiting 2 x farms that will also include our 3 international guests.

Pine Grove:


For more details, please visit:
Venue: Bendigo – All Seasons


Date: July 7 2016
Start: 8.20 am
Location: Bendigo
Ph: 03 5382 0422
Mb: 0429 820 429


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