SFS Sowing 2016 – seeders, insect pests, fert toxicity, dry sowing and more…

The Streatham Branch of SFS will hold a ute drive/crop walk on Monday 30th May 2016 starting at 3pm .

Join us to inspect and discuss dry sowing, fertiliser toxicity, insect pest problems, disc seeding compared to tine, and pasture establishment.

A great line-up of speakers include:

  • Paul Breust SFS – Disc versus Tine trial site
  • Michael Nash – Insect pest updates and all crop related bugs
  • Craig Farlow IPL – Fertiliser toxicity experience from trials
  • Local growers Myles Read, Charles Geddes and Neil Vallance on their sowing experience in 2016
  • Local agro’s from Gorst Rural, Western Ag, Landmark will give updates on what they have seen in emerging crops in 2016


  • 3.00pm Myles Read’s JD disc versus Equalizer tine site – Hinton’s Road (off Streatham to Carngham Rd turn off at Cherry Mount)
  • 3.45pm Charles Geddes – Inspect crops established on 25cm spaces with JD disc. Discussion on how this system performed
  • 4.30pm Neil Vallance – Pasture establishment on 17.5cm spaces with a disc seeder
  • 5.30pm Finishing with a BBQ at the Lake Bolac Hotel

* Ute drive starts at Myles Read’s property – follow the link here Dropped Pin for the exact location
For more information contact Paul Breust at SFS on pbreust@sfs.org.au or 0417 154 945

SFS Head Office

23 High Street, Inverleigh VIC 3321

03 5265 1666



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