Farmers study stubble

machinery seeder MFD12Grain growers can take part in an industry tour this month that will take them across Victoria’s grain growing regions.

The focus of the trip, which is being subsidised by GRDC through its stubble initiative (project No. BWD00024), is stubble retained farming systems.

During the three-day two-night study tour, participants will visit research sites, machinery manufacturers and farms in the south west and Wimmera grain growing regions.

Presentations from stubble initiative researchers and agricultural engineering specialists will also be included in the itinerary.

BCG stubble project leader Claire Browne said the trip was an opportunity for growers wanting to adopt or refine a retained stubble farming system to hear how others have gone about it.

“The benefits of retaining stubble are well documented. However there are also challenges that need to be negotiated to maximise these benefits,” she said.

A key feature of the trip will be a visit to the Southern Farming Systems seeder demonstration site which is comparing the performance of crops sown into stubble using 16 different machines.

Extensive discussions about controlled traffic farming, cover crops, pest management (particularly slugs and snails) in retained stubble systems and how to handle a 4t/ha stubble load will also feature.

As the trip heads north, the focus will shift to weed management and row spacings in retained stubble systems with a visit to the BCG row spacing trial at Kalkee and a discussion about the merits of disc versus tyne seeding systems led by Vic No-Till chairman Paul Oxbrow at his Rupanyup farm.

A visit to TPos engineering at St. Arnaud will showcase a range of innovative solutions to issues that can arise when sowing into retained stubble.

As well as being a great learning opportunity, the trip also provides farmers with the chance to connect with industry experts, share experiences and meet and socialise with other growers.

A Wimmera agronomist and blogger highlighted this recently citing the benefits of getting off the farm and looking over the fence.

The GRDC stubble grower trip is open to all but places are limited.

For more information and to register log on at:

About BCG

Birchip Cropping Group Inc. (BCG) is a not-for-profit agricultural research and extension organisation led by farmers in the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee.
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