Machines in action at Inverleigh

lentils double stubblrAs part of the GRDC stubble project, Southern Farming Systems (SFS) will host an on-farm Seeder Demonstration Day at Inverleigh this Friday, June 19.

The day will see 14 different seeding machines put through their paces in a retained stubble paddock in the high rainfall zone of Victoria.

Included in the line-up are: Seed Hawk, Vaderstad Rapid, Flexicoil, Baker Cross Slot, BossJohn Deere, Horwood Bagshaw, Great Plains, Serafin Semeato, Amazone and more.

Also on display will be the newly released New Holland T8.435 SmartTrax tractor, making one of its first operational appearances in Australia.

Seeders will demonstrate their benefits and suitability to High Rainfall Zone conditions.

Each seeder will sow strips using the full length of the paddock, which will allow SFS researchers to harvest and collect yield data on each one. They will also measure establishment, seed depth, early dry matter production via UAV NDVI, head counts and final yields.

The day is free and open to SFS members, sponsors and the general public. More information is available on the SFS website and can also be found here.

About BCG

Birchip Cropping Group Inc. (BCG) is a not-for-profit agricultural research and extension organisation led by farmers in the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee.
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